The crime got occurred in the mangalagiri of guntur district, in the Koppuravu colony. A man forms a faction against a woman with whom he has lived for years. Hacked to death. The incident caused a sensation in the community. The following are the specifics of this unfortunate tragedy. The mother resides in Mangalagiri's Koppuravu Colony with her daughter. She does not have a husband. During this time, a relationship was formed with a man from the same neighbourhood named Sambashivarao. For years, the two have coexisted. Sambhasivarao, on the other hand, also sexually harassed the deceased's daughter. The deceased woman who found out about the matter was outraged. Repeatedly warned. However, Sambhasivarao's intention did not change.

After that, the woman filed a police report against Sambhasivarao on sexual harassment. The police filed a report and arrested Sambhasivarao after receiving the woman's complaint. In this case, he was also imprisoned. The woman and Sambhasivarao, who was recently released from prison, got into a fight. It was in this environment that he strangled and murdered the woman recently. He then ran away from the crime site. The cops arrived at the scene after learning about the incident. The body was dissected. The police came to the preliminary judgement that Sambhasivarao killed the woman because he had filed a police complaint against him. The accused has been charged by the police.

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