In the heroin case, the DGP has sent a legal notice to the leader of the Opposition. The police department was prepared to employ the "weapon of justice" to combat continuous attempts to damage Andhra Pradesh's image and undermine the police department's stability. In Gujarat, officials from the Central Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) seized heroin worth Rs 21,000 crore, which the opposition had linked to the AP. 

TDP President Chandrababu, Lokesh, and other party leaders, as well as DGP Sawang, served legal notifications on two newspapers as a result of this. According to the witness, this was the first time in the country that a DGP had pursued legal action against the leader of the Opposition and media outlets. M sudhakar and his wife G Durga Purna Vaishali are believed to be the owners of the importer firm Aashi Trading Company, according to official sources. The pair was apprehended by the DRI in chennai a few days ago and transported to Bhuj, Kutch. On Monday, the pair appeared before a special court in Bhuj for NDPS cases, which awarded the DRI 10-day custody of the two. 

False allegations and unconditional apologies for false news were clearly stated in the notices, indicating that the two publications should prominently publicize the same, or that legal action would be done. This is the first time in the country that personnel at the CS and DGP levels were forced to issue legal notices to the leader of the Opposition.


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