Atrocities committed against two Dalits have been exposed in aurangabad, Bihar.

There are some incidents going on every day in our country to show the demanding face of caste. In that line, the atrocities committed against two Dalits in aurangabad, Bihar, have been exposed.

Aurangabad district is located in Bihar. The recent panchayat chief election was held here. Balwant Singh Singhana, the dominant caste that lost the election, has unleashed atrocities on the Dalit youth who voted for him in that election.
He and his accomplices arrested two youths, Anil Kumar and Manjit Kumar. Then they spat on the floor and made me clean it with my tongue. They have taken this as a video and spread it.
Police have arrested Palwant Singh Singhana on the basis of this video. aurangabad district S.P. Kandesh Kumar Misra confirmed.

Superintendent of police Kandesh Kumar said, "Police have launched an investigation into the victims. We have arrested Balwant Singh on the basis of the confession given by Anil Kumar and Manjit Kumar. Palwant Singh will be charged soon."

But the accused Palwant Singh said that the two had quarrelled with him while he was drunk. He also said that this had happened many times before. The video of the atrocities committed against the two youths is shocking to the viewer. Every time there is such violence or rape against Dalits, it fades away in a few days.
The world demanded justice when George Floyd, a black youth in the United States, was wronged. Slogans rang out that the lives of black people were also important.
But we do not see the atrocities taking place here before our eyes locally. Social activists insist that a consensus must prevail that the lives of Dalits are important every time such injustice occurs.

If caste is to be eradicated, the violence of caste must be eradicated. It must give voice to injustice and punish those who do injustice. Only then can such incidents be put to an end.

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