Like pizza, the case of home delivery of weapons has also come to the fore in Pakistan. The whole process of delivery of weapons is shocking and also exposes the increasing crime in Pakistan.

Islamabad: Delivering a revolver to a home in pakistan is as easy as ordering a pizza. a person can choose their favorite weapon on social media, call the dealer, agree on the price, and a few days later, a courier will knock on their door.

This delivery service is available all over Pakistan. Weapons list on facebook and WhatsApp. It is difficult to estimate how strong this network is in Pakistan. 

It is also correct to say this because, for the delivery of weapons, there is a complete list of facebook pages and whatsapp groups for the customer to choose the weapons of their choice.

Weapon home delivery

The entire deal was done over the phone with the customer.

According to the report, this person told that I sent Rs 10,000 through Easy Paisa and paid the remaining Rs 28,000 after checking the weapon.

After receiving the delivery of the weapon at home, a Pakistani citizen told that his weapon was sent to Karachi from the khyber pakhtunkhwa area. It cost him Rs 38,000. 

On condition of anonymity, this customer told that he was not asked for a license before delivery. The cheapest delivery is in Karachi. There are two different networks. 

The first is the arms dealer, the second is the one who distributes it.

 There is no limit to the types of weapons that can be sold and distributed. From 9mm pistols to AK-47s, everything is sold. 

The thing to note here is that weapons are definitely not delivered anywhere online. But, this is not the case in Pakistan.

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