Shocking incident in Chennai..! Dead body lying on the rail..!?

The incident of the mysterious dead body of an IIT student on the railway tracks has caused a great shock. Railway employees were working as usual on the track between Avadi and Hindukalluri railway stations in chennai yesterday. At that time, they were shocked to find a dead body of a young woman on the rail with bloody wounds. Following this, the railway staff immediately informed the Avadi Railway Police.
Immediately the police rushed to the spot and recovered the dead body of the student and sent it to Kilpakkam government Hospital for post-mortem. Who is the woman with the identity card around the dead woman's neck? The police investigated. The woman who died in the investigation was Megha Sri (30) from Odisha. He is an M.Tech, Ph.D. from Delhi.In this case, it seems that he has come for a 3-month research study training at IIT Adyar, Chennai. Meghasree has been pursuing his research studies in Adyar college Hostel. Also, the Avadi Railway police, who registered a case in this regard, did the student Megha Shree die after hitting her head when she fell down while traveling on a moving train? Or any other reason? Avadi Railway police are investigating.

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