Pathetic situation of Gopi & Sudhakar...!? Fake doctorate degree..?

His opinion is that everyone, including them, should be careful when using the name of anna university to commit fraud like this. Don't trust just the name. Recently, anna university filed a sensational complaint that the doctorate degree awarded at anna university is fake. An Honorary Doctorate was awarded by the international Commission on Anti-Corruption and Human Rights headed by retired Justice Vallinayakam at anna university, Guindy, Chennai. Many celebrities were awarded doctorates in various disciplines. Actor Vadivelu, music composer Deva, YouTuber Gopi, and Sudhakar, among others, have received a lot of buzzes now that the doctorate degrees awarded to them are fake.
How to contact?

Both sudhakar and Gopi, who run the YouTube channel Parithapangal, were awarded the "Inspirational youth Icon" award. When asked about his opinion that the award given to him was fake, his opinion is that everyone, including all, should be careful when using the name of anna university as a fraud. They should not be trusted just by their name. After this, they themselves will be fully informed about the background of any program they receive a call from. Attend only after knowing.
It was Harish from a private organization who contacted him. He contacted him almost 20 days ago. After that, he ignored his call. Then they tried to contact him through other means and finally, they contacted him through his manager.
Legal action:
Many celebrities including the retired judge and music composer deva have also participated in this event. A press meet was held on behalf of anna university and a complaint was lodged with the police. When YouTuber Gobi was asked if he did not take any legal action like filing a case with the police regarding this fraud, he replied that they have to think about something from now on. This is all new to them. They definitely have to do something, Gobi said.

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