Amind COVID 19, the government orders all the citizens to follow lockdown rules and stay back at homes to stay healthy and alive. Few states have given relaxations for lockdown. Firstly, only schools, shopping malls, and temples are considered hotspots.


After many series of lockdowns, few state governments have permitted the higher education board to conduct exams. In telangana, from monday, tenth class exams are scheduled. telangana high court too agreed with this. Officers make arrangements for 10th class students to write their exams. In this situation, high court gave instructions to telangana state government to conduct exams carefully. 


On the other side, are students willing to come to exam halls? Are parents allowing them? students ae not allowed to play outside due to the risk of corona. Then, how will they travel from their home which may be from containment or red zones and reach exam centers? How will the student gatherings be avoided outside the exam center? Amid these questions, it is a serious situation for parents to think and decide.

On the other side, the government os planning to conduct exams in the view of the student’s career and intermediate admissions.

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