Indian students undertaking medical internships (internships) overseas can train in india if it is unavoidable, according to the National Medical Council (NMC). indian students who have completed medical studies overseas and are pursuing medical training there may return to india for medical training if they have returned owing to the spread of the corona or the backdrop of the Russia-Ukraine war, according to the NMC.

For medical students seeking medical training overseas, appropriate actions will be made to write the Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE). The NMC circular further stated that regardless of how many months the students spend training overseas, they will be able to complete the remainder of their training in India. The directive, given by the NMC, will assist thousands of students who have returned to india owing to the war in ukraine and are unable to pursue medical training.

For indian students who have finished their medical studies overseas, the FMGE examination will be administered by the Medical Council National Examination Board. students who pass this exam will be able to train here for the next 12 months or for the remainder of their training time. Medical students undergoing such training should not be charged any fees, according to the NMC. The NMC directive further stated that all incentives and grants available to indian trainees should be continued.

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