Student got 212 marks out of 200, result went viral on social media

The marksheet of a fourth class girl is going viral on social media, in which the girl has got more marks than the maximum marks in 2 subjects. You will also be surprised to know the whole matter

Jaya Pandey

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A shocking case has come to light from gujarat which has raised questions on the education system there. In Gujarat's Dahod district, a ruckus has arisen over the marks received by a fourth class girl of primary school. Actually, the girl got more marks than the total marks, due to which the girl as well as her family were surprised.

More marks than total in these 2 subjects

When Vanshiben Manishbhai got her fourth class result and saw her marks in two subjects, she was shocked. The girl had got 211 marks out of 200 in Gujarati and 212 marks out of 200 in Maths. However, later the school administration admitted that there was a mistake in preparing the result and the girl was given the corrected result later. After rechecking the result, the girl got 191 marks in Gujarati and 190 in Maths. While no change has been made in the marks of the rest of the subjects.

What did the education officials say

In the new result, the girl has got 934 marks out of 1000. This matter came to light when after getting the result, the girl happily showed her mark sheet to her family members. The girl's family members were shocked to see such marks. In response to this, the district education officials have started an investigation to find out the reason for the mistake and prevent such incidents in future.

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