Three days holiday in schools of haryana and Punjab!!!

There is special news for the children studying in schools of haryana and Punjab. Their schools are going to remain closed for three days from today. Amidst the increasing heat, children have got respite before summer vacation. Actually, today on 10th May, schools have been closed due to Parashuram Jayanti, whereas on 11th May, schools will remain closed due to it being the second saturday of the month. Apart from this, sunday 12th May is a weekly holiday i.e. there will be holiday in schools of haryana and punjab for 3 days.

Government holiday of May 10 had already been declared in Punjab. Due to this, today there is a holiday for schools, colleges, government offices and other business institutions across the state. Today Parshuram Jayanti is being celebrated in both the states.

Changes have already taken place in schools

Let us tell you that in most areas of North india the temperature has crossed 40 degrees Celsius. Because of this, the timings of most schools have already been changed. Despite this, children are not getting respite from the heat. But now, with three days off, children will be protected from heat and heatwave. Due to extreme heat this year, summer vacation can also be declared ahead of time.

School breaks three times due to heat

To protect children from heat and sunstroke in government and private schools of Karnal district in haryana, the Directorate of Secondary education has issued instructions to give three breaks in schools. Under this, the school bell will be rung 3 times in all schools for drinking water and rest, so that children can drink water from time to time and the amount of water lost by the body can be compensated.

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