Do this first before the opening of schools on june 6.. The main directive to head teachers

As the schools are going to open on june 6 after the summer vacation, various instructions have been given to the principals of the school including cleaning the school premises, covering the surface of open wells if there are any, and removing the old building.

Opening of schools- Precautionary measures

Summer vacation is given in april after the year-end exams for school students. After this holiday, schools will open on june 6. In this situation, the school education department has issued various orders to the head teachers regarding the work to be done in the schools before the opening of the schools. Accordingly, all the classrooms in the school, the head teacher's room. It should be ensured that laboratory, toilets and other rooms and premises are well cleaned.

Furniture in classrooms, head teacher's room and other rooms. Door and windows. Ensure that learning and teaching equipment are well cleaned. Obsolete laboratory materials should be properly registered and disposed of. It should be ensured that there is a proper rainwater drainage system by removing the debris accumulated on the surface of the school building and that the rainwater collection structure is properly maintained and in use.

Open wells

All drinking water tank and overhead water storage tank for student use should be thoroughly cleaned with disinfectant inside to ensure that clean and safe drinking water is available to students. It should be ensured that the kitchen is properly cleaned and the cooking utensils are properly washed. If there are open wells, steps should be taken to cover the surface so that no one can access it and these steps should be completed before the school starts.

Ensure that cesspools are covered and secured. Ensure that all areas used by the students in the school are disinfected.The Principal and all the teachers of the school should realize that they are fully responsible for the complete safety of the students within the school premises. If there are any dilapidated buildings or dilapidated perimeter walls in the school premises, it should be ensured that appropriate steps are taken to prevent students from accessing such buildings.

dilapidated buildings

Ensure that adequate soap/detergent solution is kept and used inside and outside the restrooms used by students and teachers for hand cleaning. Principal and teachers should ensure that all electrical devices and switches in the school are working properly. It has been stated in the circular that action should be taken to remove the broken branches from the trees within the school premises and the branches obstructing the buildings and ensure that the trees do not fall easily.

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