Don't pawn gold jewelry at this time even by mistake..?!

Shastras say that gold jewelry should be pawned only at a specified time. A good day and a good time are considered important for doing everything. Thus, the time of buying gold jewelry and the time of pawning it are all important. Doing that sometimes will only increase the gold in the house. Even when repaying the loan, we have to pay back the money in good time. Just as we avoid certain good things during Rahu and Emakandam times. They don't do any good things during Kuligai time. Don't take loans especially. But it is believed that only gold jewelry bought at this time will multiply. What do you mean? Kulikah is a lucky time. Kulikan, the son of Lord Saturn, predominates during Kulikah. It is believed that the things we do at this time will multiply. You can do things in the Kulikah that you feel you need to do over and over again. At the same time, anything that we think should never happen again and again should not be done during Kulikah time. Don't forget the activities of pawning gold jewelry, taking loans, and lifting the bodies of the dead duringKulikah time. Be careful. Because it is believed that those things happen again and again. If one gets married during the Kulikah time, his family life will not be happy. You may even get a divorce soon. That is why it is advised to avoid getting married while Kulikah time. Paying off debt in the bath will generate cash flow and create the environment to pay off the debt in full. Savings in Kulikah time will multiply. red color has the power to attract money to us. During the Kulikah time spread a red silk cloth in a glass bowl. Put the money in that silk-wrapped bowl. Place it where others will not see it repeatedly. Save as much money as possible in this bowl. Saving money during the Kulikah time will keep piling up. There should be two series of savings. Do not take for daily expenses. Use it for expenses such as building a house, starting a business, or buying land. Everything goes well without any hitch. Even on the day of Akshaya Trithi, make sure you buy gold during Kulikah time. Apart from that, Guru and Shukra Orai are good to see and buy.

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