Do not ignore these symptoms seen in the body during periods, otherwise...

Today, through this article, we will tell you that do not ignore these symptoms seen on the body during periods. Otherwise, there may be signs of this serious disease

Periods Symptoms

Some symptoms appear on the body of women during periods. Due to this women have to face many problems. Like stomach ache, back pain, anger, irritability, headache. Along with all these, many types of changes are seen in the body of women during periods. Many women have to face a lot of pain during their periods. At the same time, one has to face a lot of bleeding and pain. If you are also seeing some special symptoms during periods, then do not ignore them even by mistake. If some such symptoms are visible during periods then be careful.

Increased blood flow

If the flow during periods is more than normal then do not ignore it at all. Contact the doctor as soon as possible.

Having a lot of pain

If you are experiencing excessive pain during periods, then you should immediately consult a doctor. Because excessive pain can indicate some disease.

Butt cramps

If there is pain in the butt during periods, it indicates hormonal imbalance. In such a situation, contact a doctor.

Breast tenderness

When you feel tenderness in your breasts during your periods, then understand that there are fluctuations in estrogen.

Thick blood clots

If there are more blood clots during periods then definitely consult a doctor.

Blood color

The color of blood tells a lot during periods. If the color of the blood is very dark or thick then it can be a sign of this disease. This indicates a deficiency of vitamin B12 in the body. There are problems related to periods in diseases like PCOD and PCOS. Along with this the risk of cancer also increases.

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