The timing of your morning meal, commonly referred to as "tiffin," has gained significance based on a study examining over 100,000 samples conducted by IS Global. The study indicates that the time of consuming breakfast is just as important as the content of the meal, especially concerning the risk of diabetes.

Contrary to popular timing between 9-10 am for breakfast, the research reveals that eating tiffin before 8 am significantly reduces the risk of diabetes by 59% compared to those who eat after 9 am. The study, which spans two years and involves analysing the eating habits and diabetes status of 1.03 lakh individuals, aims to establish a link between meal timing and type 2 diabetes.

The findings suggest that eating breakfast after 9 am may lead to irregularities in insulin hormone dosages, disrupting glucose and cholesterol control. Skipping breakfast altogether can contribute to these issues. Therefore, the study recommends consuming tiffin around 8 am to maintain better glucose and cholesterol levels.

The research also highlights the importance of finishing dinner before 7 pm and having no more than five meals a day to reduce the risk of diabetes. Fasting for extended periods, especially if tiffin is consumed before 8 am, is associated with a lower risk of diabetes. Therefore, it is advisable to assess and adjust your mealtime cycle accordingly to promote better health outcomes.

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