This Ayurvedic recipe is amazing, many physical and mental problems can be cured by trying it.

In ayurveda, Nasya Kriya is considered very beneficial. It not only relieves headaches but also the problem of sleep. This can provide relief from physical and mental problems.

Ayurveda Nuskha

Many diseases are treated in different ways in Ayurveda. One of these treatment methods is Nasya. This method of treatment in ayurveda helps a lot in auto-immune disorders. It also provides relief from the problems of auto-immune thyroid, rheumatoid arthritis, and multiple sclerosis. According to ayurveda experts, Anu oil is an Ayurvedic oil which, apart from cow ghee, is used in the Nasya technique. However, this should be done only on the advice of experts. Many diseases are cured by this. Let us know what this treatment method is and how it is used…


What are the benefits of Nasya Kriya?

People who are always under stress. They are surrounded by mental problems, have frequent headaches, excessive heat remains in the body, are unable to focus on anything, hair problems persist, problems in the eyes, difficulty in hearing, and sleeplessness. This activity is very beneficial for those who are not able to.


How to do Nasya Kriya

According to an ayurveda doctor, put only 2 drops of cow's ghee in both nostrils before sleeping. ghee should be liquid and lukewarm. If you want, you can put ghee in the nose with the help of cotton, a dropper, or your little finger. The doctor says that this activity provides relief from many physical and mental problems.


Headache problems will be cured by Nasya Kriya

If someone has a severe problem with bile and continues to have headaches every day, then he should try this remedy. Putting two drops of ghee in both nostrils before sleeping can calm the mind and eliminate sleep problems. Along with this, one also gets relief from headaches.

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