Food Items To Include In Diet To Prevent Kidney Stones And Other Renal Conditions

A well-rounded dietary approach involves staying adequately hydrated to flush out potential stone-forming substances in the urine. read further to know the food items our diet should include.

Kidney stones are formed when certain substances, such as calcium, oxalate, and uric acid, accumulate and crystallize in the kidneys. A well-balanced diet helps in preventing the excessive build-up of these substances, reducing the risk of kidney stone formation. According to Dr rashmi S R who is a Consultant Nephrologist at Apollo Clinic, Marathahalli, "A well-rounded dietary approach involves staying adequately hydrated to flush out potential stone-forming substances in urine. It also emphasizes controlling sodium intake to minimize calcium accumulation, moderating protein consumption to avoid increased uric acid and calcium levels, and balancing calcium intake to prevent oxalate-based stone formation."

What Should The Diet Include

Dr. Shailesh Chandra Sahay who is the director – of Urology at Max Super Speciality Hospital, Patparganj said that a balanced diet plays a crucial role in preventing kidney stones and maintaining overall renal health. 

He listed the food items that should be included


A balanced diet includes an adequate intake of water, which is essential for diluting urine and preventing the concentration of minerals that can lead to stone formation. Staying well-hydrated helps in flushing out toxins and maintaining optimal kidney function.

Controlled sodium Intake

High sodium levels can increase calcium excretion in the urine, contributing to the formation of kidney stones. A balanced diet focuses on moderate sodium intake, helping to regulate fluid balance and minimize stress on the kidneys.

Calcium Regulation 

Contrary to common misconceptions, adequate calcium intake is crucial for kidney health. However, it's essential to obtain calcium from dietary sources rather than supplements. A balanced diet ensures the right amount of calcium, promoting bone health and reducing the risk of oxalate absorption, a factor in stone formation.

Limiting Oxalate-Rich Foods

Some kidney stones are formed from the combination of calcium and oxalate. A balanced diet involves moderation in consuming oxalate-rich foods like beets, nuts, and chocolate, preventing excessive oxalate build-up in the kidneys.

Moderate protein Intake

High-protein diets can lead to an increase in uric acid production, potentially contributing to kidney stones. A balanced diet includes an appropriate amount of protein from various sources, promoting kidney health without overloading the organs. In addition, Dr Govardhan reddy who is a Lead Consultant in urology & Uro Oncology at aster CMI Hospital Bangalore listed 5 important vegetables to be taken in moderation to maintain kidney health:


Raw tomato




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