Do you have health insurance? New service, no tension..!?

The General Insurance Council (GIC) in consultation with public and health insurance companies has launched the 'Cashless Everywhere' initiative to extend cashless treatment to all hospitals. It is no exaggeration to say that this has solved a major headache for those who have health insurance. health insurance policyholders can now avail cashless treatment even at hospitals that are not in the network of an insurer. Let's know more about these new facilities.

Health Insurance: Now a health insurance policyholder can avail cashless treatment only in the network hospitals with which the health insurance company has tied up. Through this service, the insurance company pays the medical expenses directly to the network hospitals.

Non-Network Hospital: If this is a non-network hospital, the policyholder will have to pay the full amount out of pocket for the medical treatment received and then go through the reimbursement process for the amount paid.

 New Scheme: Under the newly introduced Cashless Everywhere system, a health insurance holder can avail of cashless medical treatment at any hospital of their choice.
Mode of Payment: Even if the hospital is not in the insurance company's network, the insurer will pay the hospital bill to the hospital. This allows the policyholder to avail of cashless treatment.

Important Condition:
To avail of this Cashless Everywhere service the policyholder must inform the hospital 48 hours before the treatment. Emergency treatment should be reported within 48 hours of hospitalization. The service has been launched since january 24.

Where available: Cashless treatment is now available at 15-bed hospitals and all hospitals registered with the respective state health department under the Medical Institutions Act.
What's the benefit: With this Cashless Everywhere service, there is no more hassle of checking whether the hospital is in the network. It will also be of great help in times of emergency. In addition to this, you can easily go to the hospital where you can get the best treatment.

Profitability: Currently 63 percent of health insurance policyholders in india have access to cashless services. The rest have to undergo a rigorous reimbursement process. Now 100 percent of people can get cashless service through the Cashless Everywhere service.

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