From heart disease to digestion.! Don't eat eggs with this combo..!?

 Eggs have many health benefits. Protein-rich eggs are known as superfoods. However, eating some foods that are not compatible with eggs after eating them, or with them, can be harmful to your health. eggs have many health benefits. Protein-rich eggs are known as superfoods. egg whites are rich in protein. Yolk also contains protein. Not only that, eggs are a storehouse of nutrients such as healthy fatty acids and minerals. From brain health, and heart health to reducing obesity, the benefits of eating eggs can be long-listed. Choline, a substance in eggs, improves the health of the nervous system and gives energy to the brain. It also contains vitamin D and calcium, which are key nutrients that strengthen bones. And certain carotene-rich compounds in eggs, including lutein, prevent cataracts and improve eye health. Since it is low in calories, it keeps the body weight under control in terms of LDL Cholesterol. To get the full benefits of eggs that provide energy and immunity to the body and to prevent side effects, you should avoid eating certain foods after eating eggs. Eating some foods that are not compatible with eggs, after eating eggs, or with them, can harm your health.Boiled eggs are a catch-all breakfast. Many people have the habit of eating it with garam masala and salt. But some people squeeze lemon in it and eat it. If you have that habit, it is better to leave it today. Experts warn that when lemon is eaten along with eggs, it affects the blood vessels and there is a possibility of developing heart-related diseases. Eating cheese with boiled eggs can cause digestive problems, as both eggs contain plenty of protein. Too much protein can cause stomach problems. So it is better not to eat cheese with boiled eggs.
It is not good to eat bananas after eating eggs. It can cause digestive problems. Constipation, acidity, and intestinal problems will occur.Drinking milk after eating eggs can be harmful to health. This can cause digestive problems and vomiting. Similarly, many people have tea after eating eggs. But eating these two together can cause constipation problems.Some eat eggs and cooked meat together. Both of these are high in protein and fat. Due to this reason, eating both of them together causes the problem of laziness.

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