Recent statistics reveal that while the number of women consuming alcohol is smaller compared to men, there's a rising trend of both genders openly drinking in today's society. However, excessive alcohol consumption among women is associated with significant health risks. 

A study conducted in the US, analysing 432,265 individuals aged 18 to 65, unveiled a shocking finding: women who consume more than one alcoholic drink per day have a 50% increased risk of heart disease. Notably, many of these women had no prior history of heart disease, indicating that excessive alcohol intake precipitated the onset of heart-related issues.

The researchers emphasize moderation in alcohol consumption as a key factor in maintaining heart health. They caution against exceeding recommended limits, highlighting that women who consume more than one drink daily face a 33 to 51% higher risk of heart-related problems. Similarly, men who occasionally indulge in alcohol also face a 33% higher risk of heart disease.

While some studies suggest that moderate consumption of red wine, containing antioxidants like resveratrol, may be beneficial for heart health, Dr. Jamal S. Rana, the lead author of the study, underscores the need to challenge the longstanding belief that alcohol is inherently good for the heart. The findings of this study, along with others, raise questions about the perceived cardiovascular benefits of alcohol consumption.

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