Have you got diabetes? Be alert if you have 'these' symptoms..!?

Diabetes is one of the growing diseases in the world. What symptoms can be used to find out whether or not this disease has been affected? Here are the tips. Earlier, diabetes was only affecting the elderly and middle-aged people. But now many young people are also affected by this disease. It is seen as a lifelong disease. A statistic says that more than one million people are affected by this every year. Doctors say that this disease occurs when the body cannot process all the sugar in the bloodstream.

Types of Diabetes:

There are two types of diabetes, type 1 and type 2. In this, type 1 stops the production of insulin in the pancreas. Hence, glucose accumulates in the bloodstream. Although medical scientists speculate that there may be genetic reasons for this, the exact cause is still unknown. In type 2 diabetes, the pancreas does not produce enough insulin. As a result, hormones that should function properly in the body may not function properly. This type of diabetes occurs in middle-aged and elderly people. Also, young people who work sedentary jobs can suffer from this problem.
Symptoms of diabetes..(for women)

You can find out if you have diabetes or not by looking at some symptoms. Doctors suggest that these symptoms may differ between women and men. Here's what those symptoms are.

>Excessive thirst:

Some people with diabetes feel thirsty no matter how much water they drink. This can be a sign of diabetes. Such thirst may seem new to them. However, this symptom may vary from person to person.

>Genital infection:

Genital infections are common for many women. This is called Yeast Infection in English. It is said that women with diabetes do not get rid of this infection easily. Some medical reports suggest that even if they recover from it, they will often suffer from this infection.
>UTI Problem:

Women with high sugar levels may develop urinary tract infections. This can also be a common symptom. So consult a doctor about this and then get tested to see if you have diabetes or not.

>Lack of sex:

People with diabetes may experience decreased sex drive. diabetes can cause nerve damage and dry feeling in the genital area. This can cause indolence.

> Heavy bleeding:

Doctors say that women with diabetes may experience heavy bleeding during menstruation. This may be due to hormonal changes.

Other symptoms:

Unexplained weight loss, skin discoloration, and problems conceiving can also be symptoms of diabetes.

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