Are you going to order food on Zomoto? The price is going to increase.. what do you say!

Somoto, one of India's leading food delivery apps, will soon bring some changes that will increase the cost of ordering from the platform. Online food delivery platform zomato has announced a 25% hike in its site charges for users. Effective immediately, customers can now get Rs. 5 will be charged. This represents a significant hike from the previous fee structure. Introduced platform payments by Somoto. It started in august 2023. Started at Rs 2 per order. However, the company raised the tariff to Rs 3 after a couple of months to turn profitable and turn a profit. It then increased to Rs.4 in january this year. This latest high of Rs 5 marks the third increase in a relatively short period. The platform charges apply to major markets including delhi NCR, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Lucknow. On the other hand, Zomato's e-commerce platform Blinkit has implemented a handling fee of Rs 2 per order. zomato is not alone in implementing such charges.

Its competitor swiggy charges a platform fee for food delivery orders of Rs. imposes 5. However, there are reports that some swiggy users may face a platform fee of Rs.10. The Platform Fee is a flat charge per order. This applies to all transactions on Somoto. In addition to this fee, zomato also charges a delivery fee, although this fee is waived for members of its zomato Gold loyalty program. zomato Gold is a paid membership plan. In which customers pay upfront to access benefits like discounts and free delivery. Note that zomato Gold members are also subject to platform fees. With this move, Somoto aims to boost its revenue.

With millions of orders being processed daily, even a small increase in charges per order can have a significant impact on the company's financial health. Apart from the platform fee hike, zomato has temporarily suspended its intercity delivery service due to legal issues.

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