Heatwave: 'Fire' raining from the sky is very dangerous for the health of pregnant women and children, protect yourself like this

Many states of the country including the capital Delhi are in the grip of severe heat and heat waves these days. The temperature is increasing day by day, on Monday the temperature was recorded above 47 degrees in Najafgarh, Delhi. The Meteorological Department has issued an alert saying that the outbreak of intense heat and heat waves may continue for the next week. The level at which the temperature is increasing, there is a risk of damage to health in many ways. The 'fire' raining from the sky can be seriously harmful to the health of children and the elderlydue to which all people need to remain cautious. The

Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) said in its forecast that there is a possibility of heat waves in many parts of the country including Delhi for the next one week. People who already have comorbidities should take special care of their health during this season. Apart from this, health experts have also advised to protect children from this scorching heat. 

IMD has issued a red alert regarding rising temperatures across the country. Health experts say that excessive heat and humidity can have many negative effects on the health of infants, children, pregnant women, and the elderly. Severe conditions of heat and heat can cause heat stroke, which, if not taken seriously, can lead to coma and even increase the risk of death. Family members need to take special care regarding the health of children

There can be a negative impact on the health of children.

Pediatrician Dr. surabhi Jaiswal says infants and young children are more at risk of heat-related diseases. This is because they are not able to regulate their body temperature properly. They are not even able to protect themselves from the heat. Children are also more at risk of dehydration and heat stroke due to extreme heat.

The doctor says, some studies have also found that high temperatures can also affect the brain health of children, hence it is important to protect children from direct exposure to sunlight.

Pregnant women should take special precautions


Like children, high temperature can also be a risk factor for pregnant women in many ways. Heat and dehydration can increase the risk of low birth weight, premature birth, and even stillbirth. Due to extreme heat, there can be a higher risk of pregnancy-related problems, early labor, gestational diabetes, and high blood pressure.

How to keep children and pregnant women safe?

Health experts have given some measures with the help of which children and pregnant women can be protected from strong sunlight and the health problems caused by it.

Regularly keep in mind whether the child is thirsty, or experiencing dry mouth or headache.

If the child has a high fever or is feeling dizzy or is breathing rapidly, take him to the doctor immediately.

Make sure the baby is dressed in loose clothing to protect him from heat rash and excessive heat.

Breastfeeding mothers should drink plenty of water as dehydration can affect breast milk production.

Pregnant women need to drink plenty of water and avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

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