This actress survived by eating 1 egg and bread!!!

It is not easy to make your place in Bollywood. Many actresses have made their place after struggling for years. There is one such actress who came to india with only Rs 5000. She had struggled so much in the beginning of her career that she started wondering where she had gotten herself into. She was worried about everything from food to shelter. But after overcoming this problem, today she has become a dancer with a big actress. people never get tired of praising his dance. He has also done many item songs.

The actress we are talking about is Nora Fatehi. Nora has struggled a lot in the beginning of her career. Nora herself had told about her struggle in an interview. She had told that even today I go into shock remembering the days of struggle.

Came to india with Rs 5000

Nora Fatehi recalled her days of struggle in Mashable India's bombay Journey. She had told that when she came to india, she had only Rs 5000. After coming to india, he had to face many difficulties. She lived in 3BHK with 9 girls in Mumbai. Three girls lived in one room.

Therapy was needed

Nora had told that at that time she used to work for an agency. That agency used to give less money and also exploited them. Nora said that that company used to pay the rent of my house and also deduct its commission. Because of which I used to get very little money. During that time I became so distressed that I needed therapy.

Survived by eating eggs and bread

Nora told that in those days she used to survive on one egg, bread and drinking milk. He didn't even have much money. He had to face a lot of difficulties during that time.

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