Akbar gave a goat to Birbal and said, “Birbal, keep this goat with you for a month. Feed it well but Take care that it should neither gain nor lose weight”. Birbal took the goat to his house. After a month, the King enquired about the goat. Birabl said that it was absolutely fine. Akbar asked him if it had gained or lost weight, to which Birbal said that it was stable. Akbar did not Believe him and asked for the goat. He weighed it and saw that its weight was the same. There was No change in it. He was sure Birbal must have taken care of the goat but was surprised to find no change in its weight. He asked Birbal the reason for this who said, “Your Majesty, all I did was to feed the goat well and then make her stand in front of a lion’s cage at night. All the she ate during the day used to get digested at night due to lion’s fear without turning into Any fat. That is why her weight is the same.” Akbar smiled at the reply.          

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