Royal Disease: The queen of britain had this dangerous disease, due to which this disease is known as Royal Disease

Blood-Related Disease: Do you know what is called Royal Disease this disease was passed on from the queen of britain to her children.

Queen victoria was suffering from many health problems, but one of them was Royal Disease, which not only affected her, but also her sons and daughters, and even one of her daughters. The son's life was also lost. This blood-related disease was first discussed in this royal family and that is why this disease came to be known as Royal Disease. This disease was Hemophilia.

Hemophilia is a disease in which the blood cannot clot. This disease was detected by queen victoria and she was recorded as a patient of this disease. Since then, it came to be known as Royal Disease i.e. royal disease because not only the queen but her sons and daughters also got this disease and it also reached many countries. Hemophilia is a hereditary bleeding disorder in which the blood does not clot properly. The condition can become life-threatening as the affected person does not stop bleeding after an injury or surgery.

Queen victoria and her family. Queen Elizabeth was a victim of hemophilia and she or the royal family came to know about it when family members started getting affected by this disease one after the other. Two daughters and one son of queen victoria had this disease. Because of this, his son prince Leopold died of bleeding after an accident at the age of 30.

This is how this disease reached other countries When the two daughters of the queen, Alice, and Beatrice, got married to the princes of different countries, then this disease genetically spread to other countries as well and after that, this disease continued to spread. The queen had this disease in three of her nine children. His daughters Alice and Beatrice suffered from the disease as did many of his children. The disease passed through various members of the royal family for three generations after victoria and then suddenly disappeared.

According to experts, the cause of this disease is the deficiency of a certain type of protein present in the blood. Which is called the clotting factor. The specialty of this protein is that it stops the flowing blood by clotting clots, but in those who do not have this protein, once their blood starts flowing due to any reason, it does not stop. 

It happens to men but it spreads through women. Usually, this disease happens only to men but it spreads through women. The person who has this disease, and his children get the disease genetically. Daughters are the only carriers of this disease and men are victims of this disease. These genes are located on chromosomes, the genetic material that determines the sex of an individual. Sons inherit the X chromosome from their mothers.

how to know if you have the gene

Its signs can appear within the first 18 months after the birth of the child and then it should be checked

hemorrhaging at birth

Injury or swelling of joints while learning to walk

frequent nose bleeds

Bleeding that doesn't stop quickly even with a minor injury

bleeding gums or in urine and stool

symptoms of obesity

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