Well, the title "Godfather" for the lucifer remake starring megastar chiranjeevi was offered by music director Thaman. And the filmmaker sampath Nandi, who had previously registered the title, promptly sold it to the producers. But Paramount Pictures, a hollywood production company that has registered the name "Godfather" in india as well, is alleged to have submitted a legal notice to the producers of this Megastar.

Producer NV prasad discussed the subject and disclosed that they had worked very hard with the legal teams to keep the name "Godfather" while making many changes. As the legal matter would not be easily resolved, they have come to an agreement by changing the title in different areas. In Telugu, the title was simply "Godfather," in Hindi, "Megastar Chiranjeevi's Godfather," and in the American version of the movie (in all languages), the title will be "#Megastar153 Godfather."

Right before the release date, we encountered all of these problems, and travelling all the way to delhi to resolve them was really difficult. But even so, we'll do anything for megastar chiru because of the affection we have for him, he declared. Later, he made fun of the fact that Thaman would quickly suggest a title but it would take a lot of work for us to obtain the same.

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