On one side, rajamouli and team are taking awards for the rrr movie, on the other side, rrr collection frenzy continues. The movie rrr was released in japan on october 21 last year. During the release time, rajamouli did promotions in a range along with rrr actors ntr and  Ram Charan. All of japan became buzzing about the movie due to these promotions. The interviews we gave to the media there also became viral.

There, the producers of rrr are giving updates on their social media by telling the box office status. According to what they said in the latest, they announced that 323211 people have seen rrr movie in japan so far. The rrr team has announced that rrr will be showcased at 60 locations in Japan. rrr has already broken all the records of indian films there. Now all indian movie records in japan are in the name of R.R.R. The target is to break only the records made by this movie. 

Earlier Baahubali movie also got special audience in Japan. But Superstar Rajinikanth muthu did not break the movie records. But rrr broke Muthu's movie records and created new records. Rajamouli's rrr movie is being praised as an international level masterpiece. It can be said that rajamouli got a global identity with this movie, which he did not get with Baahubali.

Rajamouli received the award as the best director from the New York Film Critics Circles. It can be said that this is a great achievement for rajamouli as a telugu director. But the audience says that rajamouli is there so there is no point of stopping with this award.   

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