Actress kangana ranaut is back on twitter again on Tuesday. After this, he tweeted. He wrote that the film industry is a crash, where the success of an art project is done with the money. Let me tell you that kangana made this tweet on the day of the release of the film Pathan.

The actress also tweeted on wednesday morning. She wrote that the film industry is so crash and crude that whenever they want to project the success of any effort, production, or art, they throw money in your face. As art has no purpose. Which shows their fallen standard.

She further wrote that cinema is not made just for financial gain and that is the reason why artists are worshipped. Initially, art was performed in temples and now it has reached literature, theater, and finally cinemas. It's an industry, but it's not built primarily for financial gain like other billion-, trillion-dollar businesses. This is why art and artists are worshiped, not industrialists or billionaires. kangana further wrote that even if artists are polluting the country's art and culture, they should do it sensibly, not shamelessly.

Let us tell you that Kangna's twitter account was suspended about two years ago due to a violation of Twitter's guidelines. Kangana's twitter account was reactivated on Tuesday. When Elon Musk took over the reins of twitter, kangana requested him to restore the account.

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