Prabhas and pawan kalyan participated in Nandamuri Balakrishna's popular chat show Unstoppable, which saw a good amount of celebrity attraction toward the event's end. There is a catch, though. balakrishna is indeed having a hard time dealing with these incredibly reclusive stars. Both prabhas and pawan kalyan exhibit shyness and strong introvert characteristics.

Despite Balayya's best efforts, the two stars are a hindrance to the humorous and upbeat mood she tries to create. However, because of this, they cannot be specifically blamed because it is in keeping with their character. Well, at least the public got to observe them in an interesting talk show and got to know more about their personalities, which otherwise would’ve stayed undiscovered. Fans and viewers will have to make do with the few positive moments in these special episodes starring prabhas and pawan kalyan for the time being.

Despite having ardent followers, Nandamuri balakrishna is frequently made fun of online for his long speeches and unintentionally funny remarks. balakrishna is the centre of attention thanks to the popularity of his chat show "Unstoppable" and the release of the blockbuster movies "Akhanda" and "Veera simha Reddy." However, his most recent remarks on Akkineni have generated some debate. people avoided him in public.

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