On february 5 in chennai, TP Gajendran, a well-known actor and director, passed suddenly. He was reportedly receiving care for kidney-related issues and was released on february 4. He passed away the next day. He was 68. He had been suffering health concerns for a while, according to insiders. kamal haasan paid TP Gajendran respect on social media.

The past week has been extremely trying for the movie business. Legendary filmmaker k viswanath passed away on february 2. In addition, playback singer Vani Jairam was discovered dead in her chennai flat on february 4. After a fight with aging-related health difficulties, prominent tamil director and actor TP Gajendran passed away on february 5. kamal haasan paid respect to Gajendran on social media. His tweet reads roughly as follows in Tamil: "Mr. TP Gajendran, the director, is aware of the potential of using humour to express any tale. I offer him my condolences."

Beginning his career, TP Gajendran worked as k balachander and Vasu's assistant director. He made his directing debut in 1988 with Veeddu Manaivi Makal. Budget Padmanaaban, Middle Class Madavan, Bandhaa Paramasivam, and Cheenaa Thaanaa are just a few of his well-known movies.

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