Sitaramam, Bimbisara, and other recent successes in the telugu film industry have been quite successful. Regrettably, the filmmakers of these films are forced to make due with lesser-known heroes since they lack star heroes. It appears that Trinadha Rao Nakkina, the director of Raviteja's smash film Dhamaka, is also travelling down the same road.

Though many believed Trinadha Rao would be directing none other than chiranjeevi or would switch to venkatesh Daggubati's film, it appears that such projects are not going to happen. megastar has not given their approval to the script narrated by this filmmaker, despite venkatesh moving to Sailesh Kolanu's Saindhav. The youthful hero naga Shourya's home studio, ira Creations, has now given the director an advance. naga shourya is currently struggling at the box office due to a lack of blockbuster blockbusters.

The director said that he will be directing the young hero in his next film after getting an advance from naga Shourya's parents for a film starring their kid. The director disclosed the advance on social media. Another rumour suggests, however, that Trinadha Rao may first helm another blockbuster for dil raju before moving on to naga Shourya's movie. There will be more information about the director's next project in the future, but for now, this is the update.

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