Viral: Cricketer Irfan Pathan's 1-year-old son dances in Shahrukh Khan's film Jhoome Jo Pathan

Irfan Pathan son dancing on Jhoome Jo Pathaan: 'He is more talented than you', Shah Rukh Khan mocked Irfan Khan after seeing the dance of cricketer Irfan Pathan's younger Pathan. Impressed by Irfan's younger son's vigorous dance, king Khan gave such a reaction, which will make you laugh

Shah Rukh Khan reacts to Irfan Pathan: After making a splash in theatres, 'Pathan' has now been released on OTT. Its craze increased even more as soon as it is released on OTT Prime Video. Many reels and videos are being made on many songs from Shah Rukh Khan's films. Meanwhile, the dance of indian cricketer Irfan Pathan's son has also hit the internet. shahrukh khan has also commented on the cute dance. This cute little fan is none other than indian cricketer Irfan Pathan's little munchkin i.e. his little son Chhote Pathan. Cricketer Irfan Pathan's youngest son has sung the popular song 'Jhoome Jo Pathan' from Shah Rukh Khan and deepika Padukone's film Pathan. (Jhoome Jo Pathaan) danced loudly to the song. Seeing whom anyone's heart will fall on this little Pathan. Shah Rukh Khan liked Irrfan's little Pathan's dance so much that he showered praises on the little Pathan. Taking fun of cricketer Irrfan, Shah Rukh Khan said that 'he is more talented than you'.

Shah Rukh Khan, deepika Padukone, and john abraham starrer film Pathan not only broke many box office records but also won the hearts of its fans. After watching the film on the OTT platform from march 22, the fans have once again gone crazy about the film. But one fan whose adorable video is going viral on the internet is so cute that even Shah Rukh Khan has a crush on her.

Taking to his twitter handle, indian cricketer Irfan Pathan shared an adorable clip of his younger son dancing. The video begins with the little munchkin sitting on the floor right in front of Irrfan. The moment cricketer Shah Rukh Khan's 'Jhoome Jo Pathan' from the movie 'Pathan' plays, the kid (Imran Khan Pathan) gets up and Irrfan starts dancing in his cute way and then his A smile comes on the face of son imran khan Pathan, he also starts dancing on this song. Let us tell you that the age of Chhote Pathan is only 1 year. Irfan's wife's name is Safa Baig, and she was a model by profession before marriage.

Cricketer Irfan Pathan posted a video of his son and wrote, 'Khan Sahab @iamsrk please include one more cutest fan in your list.' In the video, Irfan Pathan's little son can be seen listening to the song 'Jhoome Jo Pathan' from the movie Pathan on his mobile and grooving to it in the finale. So at the same time, Shah Rukh Khan has also commented on this on his social media account. Shah Rukh Khan reacted to this clip and posted it again on his account. He tweeted, 'Yeh tum se zinda talent nikla nikla... Chhota Pathan.'

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