Balagam by venu Yeldandi is brilliant across all mediums. Even a month after its premiere, the movie is doing incredibly well in theatres. It got an incredible response on OTT, and now the movie is also doing well internationally. At the Los Angeles Cinematography Awards, Balagam took home the prizes for Best Feature Film and Best Feature Film Cinematography. This is the movie's third significant prize so far. venu informed fans of movies about this information via Twitter.

Major parts are played by priyadarshi Pulikonda, Kavya Kalyanram, muralidhar Goud, Jayaram, Roopa, and Kethiri sudhakar Reddy. Balagam started out as a small movie but quickly became a big box office hit. The movie, which was financially supported by dil raju Productions, has caused a huge uproar at the box office. The movie is close to reaching the Rs 20 crore milestone, particularly in Nizam.

The main actor of the movie, Priyadarshi, revealed on his social media accounts that the movie had won two awards at the Los Angeles Cinematography Awards (LACA) in the categories of Best Feature Film Cinematography and Best Feature Film. The awards have made the whole crew very happy. muralidhar Goud, Jayaram, Roopa, Racha Ravi, and other notable actors also have significant parts in Balagam.

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