Tollywood's summer Box-office is not much..!?

Most of the heroes want to release their movie in the summer itself. Do you know why? If the film is released in summer, there is a high chance of raining collections. In summer many people are on holiday with children. A great pastime for moviegoers to enjoy this summer vacation. If a good movie is made, it will rain money. But this year's summer has turned out to be a piece of cake. If you don't have good movies planned this summer, two Akkineni heroes have come up with their movies this summer. Tried to get summer benefits. But the lack of proper content in the movie hurt.
Akhil's agent is not too impressed. After that came naga chaitanya with custody but that too was not impressed. Both failed to garner at least positive talk. Later some small films were released and they also did not impress. In fact, some movies are supposed to release in May. Nikhil Spy is slated to release this May. The story will unfold in the background of subhash chandra Bose's missing. The teaser was released recently. Had it been released this month, the story would have been different. And young hero Teja Sajja is also supposed to come with the film Hanuman. The film is ready for release. But the film was postponed for Adi Purush.
Otherwise, this movie would have been released by now. The audience's summer thirst was quenched. There is a dearth of films in May as they are also postponed. Until prabhas Adipurush came, there was not a single big film that entertained on the silver screen. But it must be said that there is not much hope for Adipurush either. Because the recently released trailer did not attract telugu people much. It went down well with the bollywood crowd but not so much in Telugu. There was no reason for that. There are already many movies on Rama in telugu, but now there are comments that the graphics spoil the feeling, even if the pony graphics are correct, they are not confident in that regard either. On this account, there is no guarantee that this film will be supported.

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