Netizens who made look this actress ugly..!?

Anita sampath released a video with her friend on a social media site, and a netizen who saw it posted a video and scolded her as if she was making her look ugly. Anita sampath is famous for being a newsreader on popular private television. While still a news anchor, she acted as a news anchor in a few films, especially Vijay's 'Sarkar' and Rajinikanth starrer '2.0' as a news anchor and attracted everyone's attention. Following this, she participated in the bigg boss show aired on Vijay tv and created a stir. Anita Sampath, who crawled into the bigg boss house as a fighting chicken from the beginning, later played her game skillfully. In every task, she played honestly and impressed people. This got her more votes. While the bigg boss show was going on in a frenzy, she got into a fight with the bigg boss season 4 title winner Aary and was evicted from the bigg boss house after the show was broadcast on Anita sampath Vijay TV. She danced with Shariq on the show and bagged the title. bigg boss Anita, who is now an actress, recently acted in Deiva Machan as Vimal's younger sister. However, apart from this, she is giving full attention to a few serials and her YouTube channel. At that time, she made it a habit to conduct reels and photo shoots on her instagram page and publish their photos. In that way, the reel that Anita sampath made with one of her friends is now in controversy. When Anita sampath posted a very normal reel, a netizen made her look ugly by commenting, "She looks like a bad rugged lady". She said that the person who liked this must have been beaten somewhere.

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