There haven't been many fresh outings from the Manchu family recently, so it appears that they have been hibernating somewhat. However, based on Manchu Mohan Babu's most recent remarks, the Manchu family is obviously plotting something significant. In a brief exchange with the telugu media today, Mohanbabu disclosed a major initiative involving the Manchu family.

"At this moment, I can't say too much, but I can guarantee you that we are working on a project. The project is worth 100 crores. When the moment is perfect, vishnu Babu will provide further information, according to Mohanbabu. Many people have taken notice of Mohanbabu's revelation that the Manchu family is engaged in a Rs 100 crore project. The Manchu family had previously attempted to launch Bhakta Prahallada on a large scale, but this failed. Are they currently producing this movie? We'll shortly learn the solution.

A Saibaba temple has been built at tirupati by Mohanbabu's family. Recently, the actor drove journalists from hyderabad all the way to tirupati to show them the temple and his educational facilities. A bogie has been reserved on a train, and journalists and their families are welcome. They were accommodated in a three-star hotel in Tirupati.

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