Accounts of 'this' bank will be closed in 1 month..!?

An important announcement has been made for bank customers. In it, an order is issued that certain accounts of a bank will be closed within a month. What are the banks that are closed? bank accounts are a necessity for everyone. bank accounts are helpful for various expenses and receipts like getting government services, grants reaching our hands, wallet PLATFORM' target='_blank' title='digital-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>digital money transactions, and cheque withdrawals. Nowadays the world has become digital and now even money transactions are done online. Underlying all these are bank accounts. What can we do if these bank accounts are frozen? Wouldn't we be shocked if the account gets frozen suddenly? Similarly, news has come out that has shocked some of the customers.

This is news for account holders of public sector punjab National bank (PNB). PNB bank has warned that even if no transaction has taken place in the accounts of the account holders with this bankthose accounts will be frozenNot only that, the bank has warned its customers that even if there is no minimum balance in the bank account, those accounts will be closed within 1 month. The bank said that this action is being taken to avoid misuse of unused accounts. It is also reported that the calculation for these three years will be held till april 30.

The bank also announced that accounts of customers below 25 years of age, sukanya Samriti Scheme accounts, Pradhan Mantri jeevan Jyoti Bhima Yojana accounts, Demat linked bank accounts, and accounts with active lockers will not be opened for DBT. Apart from these accounts, accounts closed by government departments including the Income Tax Department and Courts will not be covered under this, the bank said. Customers with this type of account are said to be able to make payments through UPI ID, QR code, etc.

>Non-transaction: In case of non-withdrawal or non-payment of money from the bank account, the account will be frozenSuch action will be taken if the account is inactive for three to five years.

>0 Balance or Negative Balance: All banks have a designated balance. Even if we total the balance, if it goes negative, our account will be frozen.

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