After the first phase of the corona, Vakeel Saab, featuring power star Pawan Kalyan, is touted to be the highest-grossing film. This film has amassed massive collections. Vakeel Saab has amassed over Rs 130 crore in collections at a time when corona cases are on the rise. The film went on to become Pawan Kalyan's highest-grossing picture. However, Shekhar Kammula's love story outperformed those figures at a time when it was assumed that no film would ever top it.

Not just in India, but also outside. As a result of the covid , the international market has collapsed. people didn't come to see movies. During its entire run, the picture grossed $ 7 million. love story, on the other hand, appears to have robbed these vaults. On the first day of box office receipts, love story brought in over $350,000. Vakeel Saab, on the other hand, had to settle for $ 3 lakh.

While the love story collections are excellent, the debate isn't really that great. The movie is mostly argued by various Talks. Many people believe the film has come to a halt in the middle of the finale. However, it will not be known whether or not the film will be a success until Monday. The film was a smash hit, and the film team success Meets are also on the way.

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