Martial arts training preceded Powerstar Pawan Kalyan's foray into the film industry. His martial arts prowess was on display in his debut movie as well as in movies like "Thammudu" and "Johnny." 'Johnny' Pawan never had the chance to test his martial arts prowess, and now, probably 20 years later, he is going back to his earlier days.

This image shows pawan kalyan dressed in a typical Karate uniform. Despite a 25-year age difference, pawan kalyan almost looks the same, with the exception of his grey hair and beard. That has a lot to do with his diet, and Pawan chooses to be a vegetarian. The most recent image suggests that Pawan is reportedly putting in a lot of training for his upcoming, high-budget movie, "Hari Hara Veera Mallu." Being his first historical-era drama, Pawan is giving it everything, and the rumour is that there will be outrageous action episodes. s

A lot of images of Pawan's training in various forms were previously made public by the "HHVM" crew. Rumor has it that Pawan is honing his martial arts on the advice of filmmaker krish Jagarlamudi in order to master the action scenes.

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