Nobody can pinpoint the originator of the practise of handing heroes advances before they even had a script to work with. In the movie business, this has practically become a religion. Every hero, no matter how large or tiny, has received an advance from numerous producers. They work on the project as and when the story calls for it, and very few people ever return the advance that was paid. Our youthful hero is greedy when it comes to accepting advance payments. Every producer who knocks on his door is warmly welcomed.

He frequently participates in hearing the stories and feigning interest. He is postponing the subsequent meetings to provide the dates after accepting the advance payment. After numerous phone calls, he claims that he is reconsidering the plot or that he would demand that the director be replaced.

When the producers ask him to repay the advance, he refuses but says he would still act in the movie. But nothing advances. An nri producer who gave this young hero a sizable advance became enraged and demanded his money back. However, the hero declines to pay the sum. The nri producer is yelling at the hero in front of his family out of frustration.

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