The NYFCC honoured SS Rajamoul's rrr by granting him the Best director award following the Saturn Awards. And it's clear that several prominent writers and filmmakers are making a lot of irrelevant remarks about the illustrious director right now, which is not going down well in bollywood circles.

Aseem Chabra, a well-known writer who works for bollywood and lives in New York, made fun of Rajamouli's favourite films the other day. The blogger advised readers to consider Forrest Gump and The lion King when he shared a newspaper's list of the ten best rajamouli movies. One may question why this author is so dissatisfied with Rajamoul's decisions. Additionally, that appeared to be a spoof on Rajamouli's hollywood award triumphs.

So, how does one go about winning an award for a certain movie? Only on the merits of the specific picture he has chosen. What does that have to do with the movies he chooses, then? As they themselves are unable to produce a single successful hindi film that would perform well at the box office, let alone outperform South movies, it appears that many bollywood people wish to make fun of South films.

It's amusing to see when some self-described "intellectuals" can't stomach global recognition for films and filmakers that they turned their nose up! they keep digging and digging for more stuff to prove they are intellectual and know better than most!, as Shobhu Yarlagadda, the producer of Baahubali, said in a perfect rebuttal to these remarks. The rant against rajamouli won't end any time soon, either, since several hindi speakers have begun to complain that the director hasn't created an engaging screenplay since the eega movie. So they believe Baahubali and rrr are coincidences? god bless them!

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