The renegade agent john Abrahm is fascinating. He possesses a magnetic presence. As a boss, dimple kapadia is in the cast. "Pathaan" is a genuine spy thriller involving international travel. The settings are stunning. The aesthetic environment is opulent and majestic. The ice stunts bring to mind a james bond movie. The stunts, however, were meticulously planned, envisioned, and carried out. We witness aerial dogfights involving helicopters and jet aircraft. 

The great cinematography complements the film's size. The visual effects execution is good. Ideal background music. The movie's tempo ought to have been explicit. "Pathaan" opens with a title card explaining how the film is related to the YRF spyverse. The same studio created "Ek Tha Tiger" and "Tiger Zinda Hai." Shah Rukh Khan plays Agent Pathaan in this most recent instalment of the espionage movie series. Agent tiger also pays us a visit in this spy cosmos.

From the locale to the story to the production, "Pathaan" is an espionage thriller in every way. There isn't much substance to the plot. But siddharth Anand, the filmmaker, delivers it in a way that would appeal to both Shah Rukh Khan aficionados and general moviegoers.

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