Pawan kalyan has gone on an unexpectedly protracted signing binge. He has made a number of new project announcements and has a busy year or so ahead of him. In addition to Ustaad, which stars Harish Shankar, Pawan is working with sujeeth on OG, one of his upcoming projects that has the most promise.

However, neither of these ideas will probably be implemented right away by Pawan. According to reports, he will soon begin work on the Vinodhaya Sitham remake in Telugu. This might be his next endeavour right away after hari Hara Veera Mallu. Although Pawan has already started two intriguing initiatives, it appears that he will soon begin work on a third, less intriguing project.

But it all depends on how quickly the production moves forward and how prepared the filmmakers are. And this is especially true given that Pawan might finish the remake project much sooner as he isn't playing a major part in it. There isn't much to infer about why Pawan isn't beginning the ones with sujeeth and Harish, then. Mohammad Ali, a tollywood actor and ap electronic media consultant, has stated his willingness to challenge Jana Sena leader Pawan kalyan in the 2024 general elections provided the YSRC high command supports it.

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