'Thalapathy' Vijay has a huge fan base and there are no second thoughts and he is also the highest trolled actor on a global level. The way he faces trolls from every nook and corner can't be matched by any other actor. Already, he was trolled ruthlessly for 'Beast' movie for driving Jet and several foreigners trolled him and now his old release 'Bigil' has been trolled. Several netizens claim that the video as a stress buster.

The 2019 sports Drama was helmed by atlee and it got brickbats since the time it hit the screens, but Vijay mafia covered it up and showcased it was a blockbuster with huge collections while the reality was different. The above twitter video will clearly give you an idea of how much the guy has been affected on seeing Bigil's Football skills and shots. Vijay's last two releases are flops and he even lost clash in pongal and emerged as loser with Thunivu beating him comfortably.

Now, he is already getting trolled for his upcoming release 'LEO' with netizens claiming that movie as #Thaileo and several netizens share that the movie announcement resembles a coffee advertisement and so on and we already shared lots of trolls.

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