The narrative is broken up into chapters. It starts in 2010 in the UK and jumps to 2000, when Sanjay (Naga Shaurya) and Anupama (Malvika Nair) first meet in a Visakhapatnam engineering college. They become great friends before falling in love while they are both students at a university in the UK. They decide to live together as well. When she is admitted to the hospital owing to illness, he does not, however, pay her a visit.

They draw apart over time. Like in romantic comedies, they cross paths again years later. Will they reconcile in the future? Why didn't he visit her while she was hospitalised? Will she ever discover the solution? Sincere representation of the perplexed child is given by naga Shaurya. Depending on the age at which he plays, he changes how he looks. Malvika Sharma captivates the audience with her charm and strong performance. This demonstrates her inherent ability to convey any emotion.

There is a brief appearance by Srinivasa Avasarala. Both Megha Chowdhury and Sri Vidya, who play naga Shaurya's other girlfriend and Malvika Nair's roommate, respectively, are adequate. The most annoying character in the movie is played by harini Rao.

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