Every great hero needs a reliable sidekick to handle their business, uphold their reputation, and make sure everything goes according to plan. Not only is this a myth, but it's also a requirement, especially for A-list heroes. bunny has bunny Vas, prabhas has UV Vamsi, upasana is currently looking after ram Charan, Mega Star has GK, and pawan kalyan has trivikram as his friend. Mahesh has namrata as his companion. But, other from speculations about kalyan Ram's cousin Hari, who reportedly exclusively handles his money affairs, ntr doesn't appear to have a specific companion.

NTR is missing in some areas, including good PR planning and social media presence. ntr was unable to prepare ahead like Charan did, even though Shankar's movie ended up on ram Charan's plate while rrr was being made. It is still to be seen whether NTR's choice to collaborate with koratala siva will enhance his reputation beyond India. He needs to catch up with modern social media practises and may want to appoint a competent secretary or assistant to manage his business.

NTR's lack of concern for his public image has contrasted with Charan's Mumbai-based agency and Upasana's corporate PR abilities in terms of his popularity rise. ntr needs to improve and acknowledge that his choices and actions affect his career.

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