Legendary director SS rajamouli has said several times that he will begin production on the sequel to "RRR" while the movie is being promoted in Hollywood. Westerners believed that the story was unfinished after watching this legendary movie, which won the first-ever oscar for an indian film, and they wanted to know how ram and Bheem's war with the british royalty ended. I'll give you an update now.

In his most recent encounters with hollywood media following the oscar celebration, SS rajamouli said he would hurry up the writing of the RRR2 story and screenplay so that they could begin shooting the movie as soon as possible. It appears that the filmmaker has made the difficult decision to make the sequel, which would significantly alter Jr. ntr and ram Charan's plans. Charan is now shooting Buchi Babu's movie, but ntr has committed to #NTR30, which is being directed by koratala Siva.

These two "global stars" will have to postpone their upcoming projects in order to collaborate on RRR2 if rajamouli finishes his movie with Mahesh before they finish their subsequent one. They could even shoot one more film after their current obligations if Rajamouli's film with Mahesh requires additional time. Hence, if rajamouli is truly committed to RRR2, Charan and Tak must drastically alter their ideas. Let's wait and see.

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