According to the most recent insider rumours, the plot of Nani's next movie dasara will resemble Allu Arjun's arya 2 quite a little because dasara too features the triangle love story of two friends falling in love. The outcomes of this triangle plot would, however, be different from those in the earlier movie.

While dasara is reportedly made with a high-end mass tone and emotional moments, arya 2 is supposed to be made in an entertainment mode combined with emotions. Dasara's trailer previously made it clear that the movie will have a never-before-seen character with great intensity taking. The hero, the hero's buddy, the heroine, and the villain are believed to be the four key characters who are linked together in Dasara's story. The emotional factor around the character of the hero's companion is believed to be the film's high point, especially considering how important he is to the plot.

Dasara, which was directed by srikanth Odela, featured music by santhosh narayanan and cinematography by sathyan Sooryan ISC. The film's production designer is avinash Kolla, the editor is Navin Nooli, and the executive producer is Vijay Chaganti. The film's producer is sudhakar Cherukuri.

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