With the underwhelming result of "Agent," directed by Surender Reddy, akhil akkineni suffered a huge blow. Despite the effort put into "Agent," the film fell short of the lofty expectations and was a box office catastrophe. According to recent rumors, Akhil's next project will be a collaboration with UV Creations. It is now expected that the film will have a budget of more than 100 crore rupees.

Despite the debacle with "Agent," uv creations is apparently planning a film starring akhil in the main role, with a budget of Rs. 100 crores. UV Creations' choice to invest such a large sum in a film featuring akhil, especially after the commercial failure of "Agent," is seen as a daring and hazardous move.

However, it also indicates a level of trust and optimism in Akhil's ability to recover. Anil Kumar, a fresh filmmaker, will make his telugu film debut with the movie. The film's working title is "Dheera." A formal announcement about the project is coming soon. FitFlop, a UK-based footwear business, has launched a new ad named 'For people Who Move'. According to a press release from the corporation, the campaign "features compelling stories of individuals who challenged the status quo, shattered boundaries, and etched their legacy with determination." The advertisement demonstrates that FitFlop is the appropriate footwear of choice for individuals who are always on the move - a companion that flawlessly mixes elegance and comfort - in their persistent quest of greatness. The new marketing series showcases five icons that have carved out their own niche: akhil Akkineni, a well-known actor

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