'Guntur Karam,' the highly awaited film starring Mahesh Babu, has created a stir among fans, particularly with the current song 'Dum Masala.' This is Mahesh Babu's third collaboration with Trivikram, following 'Athadu' and 'Khaleja.'

Despite some initial setbacks due to unfavorable press, the film team is now focused on finishing the production and releasing it around the sankranti holiday. According to recent sources, the crew is now filming a high-energy song called 'Dum Masala,' and a leaked on-location video depicting Mahesh Babu's enthusiastic dancing movements has surfaced.

The leaked footage from the set in hyderabad shows Mahesh excitedly dancing to the sounds of 'Dum Masala.' The sight of the superstar doing dynamic dance moves has piqued the interest of fans, who want to see more of Mahesh's dance scenes in his flicks. The leaked videos generally destroy the hype around the picture, but this video has shockingly exceeded the film's expectations. This film appears to meet Mahesh's fans' hopes of seeing him in a large part and dancing his heart out.

In addition, viewers have expressed concern that Mahesh's latest films have pushed towards a more intellectual and refined appeal, lowering the broad entertainment quotient. 'Guntur Karam', on the other hand, appears to deviate from this trend, suggesting a return to a more mainstream approach. The female leads in the film are played by Sreeleela and Meenakshi Chaudhary.

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